Homemade cures for Yeast Infection

Homemade cures for yeast infection is simple, effective and safeYeast Infection No More

Not having that morning cup of coffee is a very simple homemade cure for yeast infection especially if you are inclined to add sugar to your cuppa. Beer and alcohol are also known factors that can increase the incidence of yeast infection so avoidance can offer a great benefit to persons suffering a yeast infection. Minimizing sugar intake in all your food, including processed foods, will help in the healing process and also reduce the re-occurrence of yeast infection.

Also in your diet if you increase the intake of green leafy vegetables and reduce the amount of starchy carbohydrates such as white potatoes, white rice and wheat (includes bread) then this can help reduce the incidence of the yeast growth and its effects on you.  Very simple homemade cures for yeast infection indeed with remarkable results.

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Some of the simplest remedies are the most affective at not just easing the itching and pain but also destroying the yeast infection completely, which is what you really need to happen. Another homemade cure for yeast infection could be to include the use of a cup full of apple cider vinegar poured into a warm bath in which you can soak for about 20 minutes. This can offer immediate relief.

For Vaginitis (vaginal yeast infection) an excellent remedy is to add a couple of drops of pure tea tree oil onto a cotton tampon and insert this into the vagina and leave there for about 20 minutes. This can be repeated for about two or three times a day. You may wish to repeat this at bedtime and leave the tampon in situ over night as this can provide a lot of relief and also destroy the bad bacteria as tea tree oil is an anti-fungal.

The use of tea tree oil on your toenails and feet can be of benefit if you have the yeast infection in your nails. This is sometimes referred to as tinea or athletes foot. Once the yeast infection is in the toenails they can become thick and yellow and also cause much pain.

Yogurt can be applied to any area that has Candida and will ease the itch and burning sensation almost immediately. In severe cases apply a second coating as soon as the first has stopped the itch or burning. Yogurt can be applied internally as well as externally (tropical application).

How much garlic do you eat? Maybe it is Homemade cures for yeast infectionnot enough! This is one of those foods that can be a very useful homemade yeast
infection cure. Garlic can be helpful in easing yeast infection by eating it or wrapping some peeled and scored cloves in muslin (cotton) and inserting into the vagina. Leave there for about 20 minutes and then remove gently.

Avoidance is best

Another simple remedy is to simply avoid wearing tight clothing especially underwear. Always wear cotton next to your skin to help absorb moisture and let air flow freely. This also helps with unpleasant genital odours – but that’s another subject.

Be aware to always wash your hands thoroughly to avoid spreading bacteria. The mouth and hands are always in touch with each other and this may be a way that the oral yeast infection is spread.

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